16 Mens Apparel Mockups


Spet.2, 2014

Photoshop CS4+

.Zip | 51Mb + 1.33Gb

16 Professional Photo Shoot Mockups in High res (5000x3333px) Ready for print or web. Easily display your designs on ready made photo shoots with real models. This template set also comes with the popular "15 Vintage Photo Filter Actions" ( http://bit.ly/1qw6UJD $5 value). Easy to edit Smart Objects. Change the shirt color to anything you want as well as Heather Gray! Realistic textures, folds and displacement mapping. Your designs will look like they were actually apart of this photo shoot! There is a detailed help video included that walks you through the whole process!

Not Just White T-shirts. There are also Tank Tops and Hoodies in this set!

Because the there are so many files and they are super high res. The file size is too big for our hosting so when you purchase you will get a download link and password*

-Photoshop CS4 +
-Change Shirt colors
-16 High Res 5000x3333px .psd templates
-Real Models
-15 Vintage Photo filter actions set ($5 value)
-Smart Objects with Displacement Mapping
-Detailed help video
-White T-shirts, Grey Tank Tops, White Hoodies.

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