21 Around The House Apple Mockups Vol.2


Nov.10, 2014

Photoshop CS4+

.Zip | 39Mb + 798.5Mb

As a follow up to the popular '11 Around the House Mock-ups. This is a Mega 21 Image set (Vol.2 ) features all new Apple Devices! (iPhone 6, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad Mini 3) Display your App or Theme in style in a relaxed home setting! As a bonus, I've added a customizable Photo filter and also a Help video to walk you through the process.!

-Smart objects
-Male and Female Hands
-High resolution .PSD (4600x3100px)
-Retina screen shot capable
-Use real resolution from your screen shots
-Depth of field effect
-Flat low contrast images.
-Custom Photofilter
-Help Video


View all 21 previews below:
(1) http://bit.ly/1x0sDiQ (2) http://bit.ly/1yUYvmP (3) http://bit.ly/1x8pytL
(4) http://bit.ly/1uqGbDt (5) http://bit.ly/1tElx1b (6) http://bit.ly/13DQLvC
(7) http://bit.ly/10qqhvx (8) http://bit.ly/1x3Knsi (9) http://bit.ly/10qqr6m
(10) http://bit.ly/1AbzqbS (11) http://bit.ly/1zu8Edj (12) http://bit.ly/1oguFbH
(13) http://bit.ly/1E1Vxhs (14) http://bit.ly/1wuzL5J (15) http://bit.ly/1zu8Jhi
(16) http://bit.ly/1x0tArs (17) http://bit.ly/1tEmu9H (18) http://bit.ly/1sdgRLs
(19) http://bit.ly/1t8rkH1 (20) http://bit.ly/1wuAmEl (21) http://bit.ly/1E1XuKU

With the purchase you will get a Link and Password to download the files because

it is too big for our hosting.

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