Coffee Mockups Scene Creator +


Feb.18, 2015

Photoshop CS4+

.Zip | 486.9Mb

Whoa! Where to start. This kit has all kinds of fun stuff to work with for website headers/sliders! 28 super high res coffee related items with custom shadows! (Not just crappy Photoshop drop shadows). Drag and drop your items and create your own scene. The beauty of this kit is that each item has not been scaled down from its original 24 mega pixel photo. So you can do so much more with it! And with the devices you can drop your own screen shots into them or add your own artwork to the coffee bags using the Smart Object layer. And for the people without Photoshop that cannot create their own scene I’ve included 10 pre made scenes on 5 different backgrounds. Also…

I’ve even included 13 beautiful stock photos that would be perfect for website headers. Taken with the idea that text would be placed over top! And as an added bonus when you purchase this you will get a link and password to 5 extra Real Photo Device Mockups!


Stock photos are: 5000x3333px

Pre made scenes are: 1400×800 (for web)

Backgrounds are: 6500x3980px

Mockups are: 5000x3333px Enjoy!



Pre made Hero Images (Only one background but you get 5 more) | | | | | | | |

Stock Images: | | | | | | | | | |


5 Bonus Mockups Previews: | | |

15 iPhone 7 Plus Mockups
10 Pullover Hoodie Mockups
10 Cycling Apple Watch Mockups
20 Woman’s Apparel Mockups Vol.2
20 Mens Apparel Mockups Vol.2
12 City Street Android Mockups
8 City Street iPhone 6 Mockups
12 Apple Watch Fitness Mockups